Kenta Maeda outscores Padres all by himself in debut for Dodgers

Each night in the 2016 baseball season,we’ll run down thetop news, facts andhighlightsfrom around Major League Baseball.Welcome to the major leagues,Kenta Maeda.MORE: Every team’s fatal flaw |Fantasy SP rankings for April 7The new Dodgersstarting pitcher, imported from Japan,enjoyed his first big-league game by pitching sixscorele s innings with fourstrikeouts and helpinghis own cause with a 369-footsolo home runin the fourth inning of a 7-0 win over the Padres.The Dodgers bullpen preserved Maeda’s victory and closed the door on a three-game sweep in whichLos Angeles outscored the Friars25-0. ThePadres set a major league record by starting theirseason with 27 straight scorele s innings. They mustered just 11 hits in the series.Player of the DayOF Steven Souza Jr., Rays: Souza was a perfect 4 for 4 with two home runsand four RBIs in a 5-3 win over the Blue Jays. His second homer, a three-run shot in theeighth off Arnold Leon, gave the Rays a lead they would not relinquish.HighlightReds outfielderScott Schebler hita sharp liner to left-center field with the bases loaded in the ninth, platingEugenio Suarez and Tyler Holtand giving the Reds a 3-2 walkoff win over the Phillies. Three things to know Yankees pitcherIvan Nova recordeda rare double-digit-marginsave in the Yankees’ 16-6 victory over the Astros. He worked the final four innings in relief of starter Michael Pineda.New York’sStarlin Castro andMark Teixeira combined for nine RBIs in the slugfest. Each homered.MORE: Correa hits 462-footer in lo s Red Sox sluggerDavid Ortizpa sedEddie Murray for 26th alltime with his 505th career home run. Big Papijoins Ted Williams as the only players aged40 or over in MLB history to homer in each of his team’s first twogames.MORE: Players who produced in their 40s Marlins ace Jose Fernandez suffered thefirst home lo s of his career despite striking out 13 Tigers batters.Fernandez allowed a home run to Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who is still owed nearly $8 million from the Marlins this season.What’s nextDodgers (3-0) at Giants (2-1), 4:35 p.m. ET: DodgerskillerJake Peavy will toe the rubber for theGiants in their home opener.Peavy, 34, is14-3 with a 2.38 ERA lifetime against the Dodgers, who will answer with southpawAlex Wood.Cubs (2-0) at Diamondbacks (1-2), 9:40 p.m. ET: National League MVP candidatesAnthony Rizzo and Paul Goldschmidt square off in the desert as John Lackey makes his firststart in a Cubs uniform. Rubby De La Rosa will start for the D-backs.


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