Contemporary visual art is one of the do my online homework dominant major forms of expression that unites populations on a global scale through a universal form of communication that overcomes the barriers of language, culture and history.

The artists are the architects of this revolution, they are the intellectual force that generates queries, thoughts, interpretations. This force proposes visions, albeit provocative, that are increasingly addressing the world as a whole.

Young artists naturally are at the forefront walnut pickup of exploring new unfamiliar pathways, whilst facing difficult challenges, and attempting to create a more advanced point of view. The event aims to give voice to young artists from all over the world, to unite their thoughts in an exceptionally evocative location and, with time, become an artistic platform of powerful cultural and social content.
A project that gives life to an International Youth Event, building bridges between cultures and populations.

Art and youth, a winning combination.

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Dates: July 1st until October 30th, 2016

The event is designed to become a biennial appointment.

Location and dates

The exhibition will take place in the fortress of Franzensfeste, South Tyrol, located in the heart of the Alps, symbolic for its change from a historical military facility to a meeting point of different ideas and populations.

A suggestive location that will act as a natural stage to showcast the innovative creativity of the new generations.



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Institutional partners

The main and most innovative Academies of Fine Arts in EU and non-EU countries.

The Event has the patronage of EUREGIO.
The Regional Authorities of Trentino/Sűdtirol.
The Province of Bolzano/Sűdtirol as Event Promotor.
The Stiftung Sparkasse.
The Franzensfeste / Fortezza


Selection of artists

The Academies of Fine Arts will participate upon invitation.

The participating artists will be:

  • selected by the Academies in each individual country
  • approved by the Curator, who will set the curatorial theme beforehand

An Artistic Committee will be supporting and supervising the work of the Curator.

List of Accademies

Accademia Brera, Milano
Accademia Torino
Acadèmie des belles-lettres et arts de Lyon
Akademie der Bildenen Kűnste Műnchen
Royal College of Art, London
Städelschule, Frankfurt
Akademie der Bildenen Kűnste Wien
School of Art, Basel
Kunsthøgskolen Oslo
Faculty of Art and Design , Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Rep.)
University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca (Romania)


Scola Cademia Ortisei
Berufschule  Marmor  Laas
Zelig scuola cinematografia  Bolzano

Visibility and international relations

It will be implemented by a promotional campaign in cooperation with the provincial Marketing Agency, called Sűdtirol Marketing, that will promote the Event on an International level.

Activities of public relations with the national and international press have already been implemented. All local Tourism agencies will be involved in the promotion as well.

The Regional Authorities and the Province of Bolzano will be at the center of the official International relations and contacts.

Collateral events

The implementation of cultural collateral events such as movie screenings, musical events, workshops, private guided tours for Schools and other small groups, etc. will all be centred on the younger generations and increase the attractiveness of the event.

The collateral events will be organised by the cultural associations from all three local provinces.

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Organised by ‘Associazione ArtintheAlps Verein’ in collaboration with:

  • Franzensfeste’s Staff
  • The Province of Bolzano
  • The Local Councils
  • The Local Cultural Associations